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Category : Volume 2 - Issue 1


A comparative Study on Functions of Bounded Variation and Riemann Integral
DR. A. K. Choudhary ||S. M. Nengem ||S. Musa File Size 478 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210105
Reliability of four-response type multiple choice questions of pharmacology summative tests of II M.B.B.S students
Bhavisha N. Vegada ||Bharti N. Karelia || Ajita Pillai File Size 283 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/02106010
Common fixed point theorem through weak compatibility in Menger space
Ramesh Bhinde File Size 407 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021011013
Queuing Process and Its Application to Customer Service Delivery (A Case study of Fidelity Bank Plc, Maiduguri)
H. R. Bakari1, H. A. Chamalwa ||A. M. Baba File Size 476 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021014021
Determinant of Renal Function: Using Serum Renal Biochemistry Data
H. R. Bakari || H. A. Chamalwa File Size 263 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021022029
On New Iterative Methods for Numerical Solution of Higher- Order Parametric Differetial Equations
O.A TAIWO ||A. O.ADEWUMI File Size 349 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021030040
On The Value Distribution of Some Differential Polynomials
Subhas.S.Bhoosnurmath || K.S.L.N.Prasad File Size 217 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021041048
Variational Iteration and Homotopy Perturbation Methods for Solving Fredholm-Volterra Integro-Differential Equations
O.A.taiwo ||A. K. ADIO File Size 308 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/021049055
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