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Category : Volume 2 - Issue 10


Minimum Size of Generating Set for Transitive p - Group G of Degree 3 p .
Apine, E. File Size 606 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210104
Predicting an Applicant Status Using Principal Component, Discriminant and Logistic Regression Analysis
S. Suleiman || Issa ||Suleman ||U.Usman || Salami, Y. O File Size 606 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/031105015
The Number of Transitive P- Groups Of Degree P3
Apine, E. File Size 252 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210016018
A Fifth-Order Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Ogbereyivwe Oghovese ||Ogundele Suraju Olaniyi File Size 570 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210019023
New Two-Step Method with Fifth-Order Convergence for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Ogbereyivwe Oghovese ||Atoma O. Johnson File Size 466 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210024027
Hiv Replication Model for The Succeeding Period Of Viral Dynamic Studies In Aids Clinical Trials
R. Lakshmajayam ||G.Meenakshi File Size 525 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210028036
A (a)-Stable Order Ten Second Derivative Block Multistep Method for Stiff Initial Value Problems
Kumleng G. M ||Sirisena, U.W.W File Size 1,056 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0210037043
Spectral Properties of Unitary and Normal Bimatrices
G.Ramesh ||P.Maduranthaki File Size 388 KB
Paper Index : 28.8028/0210044051
A New Method to Compute the Adjoint and Inverse of a 3*3 non - singular Matrices
R. K. Thirumurugan File Size 428 KB
Paper Index : 28.8028/0210052055
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