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Category : Volume 4 - Issue 5


On Some Multiple Integral Formulas Involving Jacobi and Laguerre Polynomials of Several Variables
Ahmed Ali Atash || Salem Saleh Barahmah File Size 225 KB
A Study of Some Systems of Linear and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Pdes) Using Reduced Differential Transform Method
A.K. Adio File Size 233 KB
Spacings Between and Units & Tens Place Digits in Primes till One Trillion in Arithmetical Progressions 9n + K
Neeraj Anant Pande1 File Size 851 KB
The Odd Generalized Exponential Log Logistic Distribution
K. Rosaiah|| G.Srinivasa Rao|| D.C.U. Sivakumar|| K. Kalyani File Size 331 KB
On a Generalized 𝜷𝑹− Birecurrent Affinely Connected Space
Fahmi Yaseen Abdo Qasem || Wafa'a Hadi Ali Hadi File Size 499 KB
Qausi Conformal Curvature Tensor on(LCS)nsu-Manifolds
N.S. Ravikumar|| K. Nagana Gouda File Size 389 KB
Certain Generalized Birecurrent Tensors In Kh−GBR-Fn.
Fahmi Yaseen Abdo Qasem|| Amani Mohammed Abdullah Hanballa File Size 446 KB
Total Dominating Color Transversal Number of Graphs And Graph Operations
D.K.Thakkar|| A.B.Kothiya File Size 359 KB
On Triplet of Positive Integers Such That the Sum of Any two of Them is a Perfect Square
S. P. Basude|| J. N. Salunke File Size 140 KB
A Mathematical Model of Glucose - Insulin regulation under the influence of externally ingested glucose (G-I-E model)
Anuradha Devi|| Ranjan Kalita|| Aditya Ghosh File Size 516 KB
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