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Category : Volume 2 - Issue 2


Optimal expressions for solution matrices of single- delay differential systems
C. Ukwu ||E.J.D. Garba File Size 309 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/02210106
On The Use of Analysis of Variance under Unequal group variances
Abidoye, A. O ||Jolayemi, E. T ||Sanni, O. O. M||Oyejola, B.A File Size 337 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/022107010
Formulations and proofs of optimal expressions for control index matrices for a class of double- delay differential equations
C. Ukwu ||E.J.D. Garba File Size 346 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221011020
Some Integral Properties of Aleph Function, General Class of Polynomials Associated With Feynman Integrals
Yashmeen Khan ||Pallavi Sharma File Size 218 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221021027
A Short Note On The Order Of a Meromorphic Matrix Valued Function
Subhas S. Bhoosnurmath ||K.S.L.N.Prasad File Size 203 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221028032
A Family of Implicit Uniformly Accurate Order Block Integrators for the Solution of y''=f(x,y,y')
Awari, Y. S || Chima, E.E ||Kamoh, N.M ||Oladele, F.L File Size 1,435 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221033046
A Class of Seven Point Zero Stable Continuous Block Method for Solution of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation
Awari, Y.S || Abada, A.A File Size 1,039 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221047054
Hierarchical Component Using Reflective-Formative Measurement Model In Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (Pls-Sem)
Wan Mohamad Asyraf Bin Wan Afthanorhan File Size 991 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221055071
Cone Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems Of T- Contractive Mappings
Arun Garg || Zaheer K. Ansari File Size 468 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221072076
On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Implicative Hyper Bck-Ideals of Hyper Bck-Algebras
B.Satyanarayana ||L.Krishna ||R.Durga Prasad File Size 413 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/0221077085
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