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Category : Volume 1 - Issue 2


Dynamic Weighted Sum Multi-Criteria Decision Making: Mathematical Model
Hamdan O. Alanazi || Abdul Hanan Abdullah || Moussa Larbani File Size 202 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012016018
Theoretical Analysis Of Novel Variants Of MTF Algorithm
Debashish Rout File Size 367 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012019024
Multidimensional Mellin Transforms Involving I-Functions of Several Complex Variables
Prathima J ||T.M.Vasudevan Nambisan File Size 312 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012025030
Some Studies On Normal and Non-Normal Process Capability Indices
Ajit Goswami|| Harendra Narayan Dutta File Size 439 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012031040
Contra Pairwise Continuity in Bitopological Spaces
Archana Pawar File Size 336 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012041055
Quasi Static Thermal Stresses in A Limiting Thick Circular Plate with Internal Heat Generation Due To Axisymmetric Heat Supply
C. M. Bhongade || M. H. Durge File Size 803 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012056063
The contextual factors and efficiency; Data envelopment analysis approach
Hadi Ghafoorian || Melati Ahmad Anuar || Nik Intan Norhan File Size 228 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012064068
A New Type of Generalized Difference Sequence Spaces of Fuzzy Numbers Defined By Modulas Function
Manmohan Das || Bipul Sarma File Size 512 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012069078
N-Homeomorphism and N*-Homeomorphism in supra Topological spaces
L.Vidyarani || Dr.M.Vigneshwaran File Size 168 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012079083
Some Stronger Forms of supra bT- Continuous Functions
K.Krishnaveni || Dr.M.Vigneshwaran File Size 227 KB
Paper Index : 31.4767/012084087
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